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Recipe—Blood rejuvenating requires simple practices and foods that can restore the blood—the practice requires to eat foods that support the bones like celery and veges with stems and the use of beets and highly mineralized veges like parlsey –dandelion-watercress-sea weed—rocket—chard—when juiced they will cause a huge cleanse and purge in the blood to remove unwanted dead cells and poison that may accumulate as a result of exposure to chemicals and toxins and sugar that are consumed that damage blood via through organ an mineral depletion—utilizing berries as well can have a profound effect on blood restoration—even drinking wine since wine has all 13 minerals for life—


Consuming fermented foods will assist with this as well and the use of sea algaes can attribute to the enriched mineral usage—fermented foods such as yogurt or kefir ( plain and with fat ) will have bone and mineral supporting properties


Herbs that can be used as a tea or in soups are nettle-parlsey-dandelion-milk thistle-burdock-gentian-plantain-wheat grass-spirulina—sarsaparilla-sea weed-watercress-rocket-purslane and yellow dock are a few to mention make a tea or soup with any of these and add gelatin to assist in the uptake of the nutrients and antioxidants and minerals these plants have to offer you—in making the teas start off with a 2-3 cup of water dosage –put that much in a pot and add a tablespoon increment in the water –when you are comfortable combine any combination you like or drink singularly—bring to a boil and allow to set afterwards for a few minutes and proceed to pour trough a strainer and drink if need to be sweetened then apply maple syrup or unpasteurized honey or xylitol or stevia to it til you can get yourself to a point of non sweetened tea –this is a toughy since we are all addicted to sugar—but give it time–Or just use the sweetening either way is good


Keep in mind to Use Vitamin C as much as you can with these due to the fact that there are some minerals in these herbs and plants that will need vitamin C to uptake them into specific areas of the system or to convert there materials into something usable—


Keep in mind a lot of these herbs as well will assist in bone integrity and stem cell production