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Home Made Protein Shakes—will give some ideas to make a good protein shake ( meal ) take 30 grams ( or one scoop of a container for protein ) of gelaton— and add to 2 cups of water in a pot and boil and when water is boiling add the gelaton—in the blender add 3-4 eggs ( whole eggs with no shells) 1 tsp of oil or a slice of butter—add herbs or condiments of choice to this ( garlic and onion powders—sea salt—tumeric—pepper –paprika) once the gelaton is dissolved then get the blender going with the eggs –leave the lid on top and open center of lid where you can pour into the blender while blending—once the pot is emptied then allow for blending for about 2-4 minutes—when done you will have cooked the egg in that solution and it will have blended—you have now a protein shake with the equivalency of 45 grams of protein—


ØTake ¼ container of cottage cheese add to blender –add water 1 ½ cup – 2cup-add berries or fruit—add 1 tablespoon of oil of your choice—and add gelaton 15 grams—blend for 3 minutes—you have 40 grams of protein


ØTake yogurt ( Balkan Style original) and take half the container and add 1 multiple vitamin complete with B’s and other nutrients add 2 capsules—add fat ( of choice) and add water 2 cups—and add cocoa and 1 scoop of dried egg protein—blend together for 3 minutes—when done you have made a meal replacement with a complete meal 30 grams of protein


ØIn the Morning consume 3 eggs and 2 oz of yogurt and add fat to either the eggs or yogurt—-have some fruit like apples or berries or citrus—have a tea—this will give you 20 grams of protein


So you can see how it is easy to get your daily requirement of protein—


ØDuring the day consume a adequate amount of protein from nut –animal –dairy sources –and always ad fat with the protein