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[U1]Grass fed animals for meat consumption have 13 times more omega 3 then fish without the mercury and other harmful contaminats fish come in contact with that cows or sheep do not—even chickens or poultry on a grass fed type eating and not the factory fed have a higher content of omega 3 in them then today;’s fish
[U2]This is like the pot calling the kettle black—this works —hit and miss at best—the interesting thing about scientific research and data is all in how it is done to convey a message in favour of your interest—this has not worked, for most people and the reason why can be attributed to a lot of things—why it sold is due to the fact that a major TV player advertised this and there is a easy moniker of monkey see and monkey do—mob mentality would do this
[U3]WOW in other words if you have something that works they will attack it or yank it—if it is useless and see’s so little results the this will be allowed !
[U4]What Dr Oz has done is lined his pockets with monies that he should not have gotten and the promotional pay out must make him a commodity

[U5]Why would they?? The stuff doesn’t work or has minimal results on a human being—it may offer some benefits to an animal that may not produce this particular metabolite and so it would work—but on the rest of us that do produce thi—nothing is going to happen
[U6]Again why would they—it’s ineffective
[U7]No we are getting to the truth—Calorie restriction—Now we are seeing why it works —has nothing to do with the supplement—it has to do with the simple equation take in less and expound what you normally do and will see a flattening of the belly
[U8]Now we are making claims that cannot be substantiated
[U9]What A crock of BS eh!!! What they are doing is setting the stage for a revolution—and if the farmers were smart they would band together here and use this as a means to break away from the yolk these MDA and the Agra Globalist has put on them—this frightens the establishment—Autonomy—and it frightens the banks even more—loose money they cannot control
[U10]Now That’s what I call Testosterone
[U11]These are as well Estrogen removers and regulators –something males in general and women with high levels of estrogen may want to consider in the usage in there daily eating habits or in a tea as well

[U12]330 mgs

[U13]take your body weight—divide by 2.2 an then divide the 50mgs into the kg—175 lb=79.9 kgs/50 mgs and you get-1.598 0r almost 1.6 grams per 79 kilo