How to Make a Testosterone Formulary

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    T up-


    Celery Seed-Yohimbe-Mustard Seed -Deer Antler-Tongat Ali-E/Hawthorn Berry-Magnesium-Galangal/Muira Purma—

    Increases Testosterone naturally-

    Increases Nitric Oxide-

    Increases Blood Flow-

    Has immune Enhancing Properties-Antioxidant—


    Suggested Dose-Start out 10 drops use daily—and use 30 minutes before engaging in Intercourse- Put in equal amounts in weight  and add to either a slow cooker or do a blender extract–either extract them singularly or all at once –if doing a  blender extract then 10 minutes then strain—this recipe is designed to boost T increase blood flow and to sustain the heart as well



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